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Old things 5/16/10
New old stuff on the projects page: an unreleased game from three years back that I'm thinking about finishing, with demo & source; and, design details from my lapsed power-of-3 attempt.

Creeping 4/9/10
All done, with much thanks to Moose, Jonathan, & everyone who tested! Awesome, I love days like today.

Survival mode 2/21/10
I almost called it done a month ago, but I decided to add a little more content to the game.

In survival mode the only goal is to fight off waves of enemies for as long as possible. The artwork will be done in a couple weeks, then I'll start looking for a sponsor!

New video 12/27/09

Almost there.

New screens 11/1/09
I found a background artist for my neverending project, the work is well underway and looking great:

At this rate it will actually be done in a few months!

I need some artwork. 9/5/09
To finish this game:

Additional info / playable demo on the projects page. The video and demo are old, the game is now almost done but it still needs level artwork. Send me samples of your work and I'll send you more details.